Cotton Produce Bags FAQ

What is the tara weight for each bag?

This produce bag set contains 4 different sizes. Tara weight is as follow: 
• Small (4” x 6”) 0.03 lbs / 0.5 oz / 14 g 
• Medium (8” x 10”) 0.05 lbs / 0.9 oz / 26 g 
• Large (10” x 12”) 0.07 lbs / 1.1 oz / 31 g 
• Extra-large (12” x 15”) 0.10 lbs / 1.6 oz. / 45 g 


I just bought these bags and used it a couple times and notice a broccoli stain. Are these organic bags machine washable?

 Yes, you can wash them in your washing machine on 85°F with a mild (preferably organic) detergent, then hang them to dry. ⚠ Avoid tumble dryer 


Are these good for storing veggies in the refrigerator?

Yes, they are but it depends on which food you store. First off, not all vegetables and fruits has to be stored in the refrigerator. That's because of the arid thermal environment in a fridge. 

While most fruits anyway, and veggies like Tomatoes, Potatoes, Onions, Avocados, Zucchini, etc. are best stored with our Cotton Produce Bags or in a bowl at a cool and dark place outside your refrigerator, produce like Cucumber, Broccoli, Cauliflower or Celery are mostly stored in the veggie drawer at the bottom of the fridge. 
In this case, the muslin bags in our set works better, because the holes in the mesh bags are obviously too big. You want to keep produce moist with a damp bag, just be careful to not soak it up too much. You will find out how much water you need very quickly 😉


Where are these bags made? 

These bags are manufactured in China. 
We cooperate with a 3rd party Inspection Company from Hongkong to ensure that modern working conditions for employees, the usage of certified organic materials and the quality in general matches our high standard. 


Do you have the organic certification for these? They will be touching my produce so I want to be sure.

Yes, we have the certification. 
Please get in contact through the link below, and we will send you the certificate by Email.

Directly per Email:


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