All of us are jointly responsible for the future of our planet. We don't want to reduce the usage of plastics on the environments back.

We must reduce plastic use, and its production, for our environment. To do so, we are working with suppliers, who comply with our high ethical standards and behavior. Our products are completely cruelty- and toxin free. Karma!

Our goal is to provide you with just the highest standards of materials because we don't compromise on quality and health.

Whether we manufacture something in our workshop in Switzerland or overseas, we have a very strict quality control because we believe you deserve nothing but the best.


"And we love what we do!"


We provide you with full transparency. If you have any questions about the crafting process or our product, don't hesitate to contact us via contact form. We would be happy to give you some additional information.

LEARN MORE about the certified organic ingredients of our Beeswax Wraps

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